This company is engaged in manufacturing of Thermo plastic components used in Electric and Electronics industries. It was started by well qualified Electrical engineer Mr. Vijay Naik way back in 1973 under Central Government Of India scheme for Engineers. Western India Electronics this company is in industrial town of Maharastra that is Thane and the factory is few steps from business capital of India Mumbai.   Products We manufacture parts mainly for replacing metal parts by appropriate Thermo plastic We are Pioneers replacing aluminum gears in Thermo plastic for Servo Stabilizers also Capacitor Counting Blocks for Can type capacitors and Pulleys with ball bearing and several other products required in various industries. Gears of Servo Stabilizers We are manufacturing various types of gears made out of Thermo Plastic Material (Acetal Resin) which are used in Servo Stabilizers.

Actel Resin apart from self lubricating property, has more thoughness in comparision with other Thermoplastic (Nylon, ABS etc.). Hence gears made out of Acetal Resin does not wear easily, do not break or change its tooth form in prolong use. These gears are lighter in weight than Aluminium gears & do not produce metallic sound.

Because of above mentioned qualities & its super white apperance, it gives a pakka proffetional look to Servo Stabilizers. Factory details We are have different section in our factory like manufacturing, packing, processing, Stores etc. Each department maintains it's own records bye the staff members of each department. All the raw material like thermo plastic, non ferrous and ferrous material is available closed visiting of factory site. 
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